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LegUp Health helps you find, use, and manage your own health insurance coverage.
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How it works

Find the right coverage

LegUp Health will help you find the best coverage at the best price. Choose from any insurance company available in your area. Already have a policy you like? You can keep it.

Save time and money

LegUp Health will help you save time and money using and managing your coverage throughout the year. Avoid unexpected fees and take advantage of free services and wellness rewards.

Help you when you need it

LegUp Health will help you with your coverage year-round. Whether it's assistance with "Life Events" or answering "What If" coverage questions, real live human beings are here to support you.

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We believe buying your own health insurance should be a benefit; not a burden

Individual coverage has many advantages over traditional employer-provided coverage:

It’s portable.

You can keep your health insurance when you switch jobs.

It maximizes choice.

You can pick your own doctor networks, co-pays, and deductibles.

It maximizes tax credits

You can take advantage of new premium tax credits that cap health insurance costs.

It maximizes consumerism.

Your consumer preferences get amplified, which leads to long term health care innovation.

It frees employers

Your employer can focus their time and money on their core business.
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